Workspace remembers zoom and position?

Hi I update some workspaces due to new workflow and I noticed that when I active my workspace it focus and zoom me to the part of the screen (playlist) where I saved workspace. And I am sure that in previous versions wasn’t like that.

To replicate:

  1. Lets say go to the bar 44 and make some random zoom on project
  2. Save workspace (project or global no matter)
  3. Go to the bar 1 zoom out a bit
  4. Load saved workspace

It position you to the bar 44 with zoom you saved.

Is there any way to turn off following zoom and position on workspace ?


As far as I remember it always has done this? Never saw the value or why one would want this ‘feature’. I want to use workspaces to return to my basic layout(s). Not have to refocus my postion and track heights.

I am talking about position in arrangement (playlist) not track heights, windows placement, layouts etc.
I have one workspace when I activate it shows GrooveAgent, Mediabay, Mixer, Beat Designer(midi plguin) and I call that workspace “Drum Work”
So what happens in practice when I program drums on some section in arrangement (bar 31 to bar 39 for ex) and when I activate that workspace it places me to bar 1 with different zoom and I need to go back to the bar section I am working on. That’s happens cause C9 remember zoom and place where workspace is saved, which is totally unusable for me since beside drum work workspace I have Arrangement workspace and Mixing workspace. Imagine you need to scroll to section where are the events playing every time you change workspace.

This is basically a feature request and I approve of it. Workspaces are kinda clumsy anyway though.

Really? Hmm that doesn’t make any sense especially for global workspaces since every new project is different and its time consuming to zoom and position focus every time on working bar section which wont be same as long you progress with track.

However I find workspaces really life saving in 8.5 which supposed to work as it should.

Oh, it used to work differently? Then it might actually be unintentional! Please contact MySteinberg support directly through a ticket so you have the best chance of getting this figured out.

Thanks but I already tried that and it relocate me to the “Steinberg distributors” which guess leads nowhere lol :slight_smile: I don’t have time to deal with this kind of location discrimination.
I don’t give up on this and I will find solution or some workaround.

Ok I find workaround!
I make all Global Workspaces in Cubase 8.5 than copied and replaced Window Layouts.xml from \Application Data…\ Cubase 8.5\presets to \Application Data…\ Cubase 9\presets

Interesting. So this is broken behaviour from a previous version.? Or, they’ve actually fixed them to work properly (as designed.!) finally in C9.?

Who knows… But now, in light of your workaround you find you actually desire that ‘old’ behaviour - and so the topic then becomes one of being a ‘Feature Request’. Well, only Steinberg can tell you - is this a ‘bug’ or ‘feature request’; only they know what their design was properly supposed to do, over the years of development… :slight_smile:

BTW - I’d have thought you should still be able to raise/submit a Support Ticket via your MySteinberg account, wherever you are in the world. I would ask that precise question - is it a bug or a feature request, please.?

Good luck.!

PS:- I no longer use these - just developed different workflows; its much as @djw has said above, I’d found them clumsy and a bit unpredictable previously, in what they would actually recall… so, ended up abandoning them.

PPS:- just seen this; so maybe your support ticket did simply bounce you out on this occasion.

BTW - I’d have thought you should still be able to raise/submit a Support Ticket via your MySteinberg account, wherever you are in the world. I would ask that precise question - is it a bug or a feature request, please.?

I asked them today how is that supposed to work via email and it appears as a ticket on mysteinberg account. But on MS account I am missing that option.

No matter how they design it in the end they should leave option to work as it in previous version cause some people get used to the new way and some old way which in this case both ways are fine. The simple tick box in Workspace Organizer or in Preferences will solve problem. Or simple logical explanation why they change behavior between the versions and justify why the new behavior is better than older if they decide to unable old behavior.

I am using Cubase from VST5 version (2003 I think?) and its not uncommon that they mess some features from version to version :slight_smile: