Workspaces Don't Retain Channel Settings Selection

I posted this issue right after N7 was first released, and got no response, and have been wondering ever since if I might have been missing a setting somewhere. Now, with the update, I’ve tried again to figure out a solution, and am still coming up empty. Before posting a feature request (can’t call it a “new feature request”, because the desired behavior was in place for me up through N6.5), I want to run it by the forum on the chance that somebody might have figured out what I can’t, and that everything’s really ok. Here’s the deal:

I’m working on a project with multiple narration files (audiobook), all routed to a DX group where the insert plugins and eq settings reside. I’m working with N7 (latest) on a Mac, along with an MC Control and Logitech Gaming Mouse (love those 12 macro buttons!).

I’ve set up multiple workspaces, including a main dialog editing window that features a screen-sized project editor, various plugins visible, and the Channel Settings Window for my DX group channel (at least when I set it up).

When I newly call up the workspace, or if I open Nuendo from scratch, the Channel Settings Window has lost the DX Group assignment, and reflects the currently selected channel (typically the narration file I’m working on).

I want the Channel Settings Window to retain the assignment it was given! As I noted above, that’s how it worked up through N6.5.

Editorial note: this may not bother many of you out there, but it’s the source of much irritation here, and an extra set of clicks each time I come back to the workspace (thousands of times per project). Not to mention that it feels like a spurious and confusing step backwards in Workspaces implementation, which is so close to being great.

Can anybody duplicate this? Or, better yet, does this NOT happen for somebody out there? I will file a feature request (or…maybe it should be a bug report?) if this behavior is common to other users and nobody can help with a solution.



Does it recall correctly when you disable the pinning of the channel settings window?

Forgive me for not understanding what that means! Please elucidate.

I can tell you this: if I “option/click” a second channel settings window and make THAT window part of the workspace it will retain whatever focus I assign it through the duration of my use of that workspace for the time that the workspace is open. It’ll be lost when I change workspaces or restart the project, but will still keep focus once it’s reassigned.

But when changing workspaces, or restarting the project, the focus goes back to the last-selected track, not the DX group.

Thanks for responding-- if there’s a cure for this I’d sure like to find it.


I’m going to assume that by “pinning” you meant “always on top”. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

In any case, the behavior remains the same regardless of the “on top” state.

In the current project I’m working with two narrators/two output groups, and I would love to get the channel settings windows to keep their focus between workspaces as they did in 6.5 and earlier. Anybody?



I guess it’s understandable that others aren’t having this concern, as it’s a rather esoteric issue. But I do wonder if it’s duplicable. Bug, Feature, or “who cares”? All I can say is that I miss the way it used to work…