Workspaces. How make them global for every project ?


I’v create 2 workspaces:

  1. Main

  1. Arrange

And in that project I can switch them with no problem. But when I load earlier project there is not a Arrange workspace only Main (or older one that I created in this project). Haw can I save my new 2 workspeces to all my projects ? I want create 2 global workspaces and use them in all my earlier and future projects. How can I do it ? Why it is so difficult ?

For now windows system in Cubase is difficult to use. I wish Steinberg will do it like Logic, Studio One 2 and Sonar X3 have. I mean no more workspaces (complicated), but one window with few buttons to view or not view inspector, editors, mediabay and mixconsole.

Workspaces is ancient in computer years. :wink:

When you are in the Organize Workspaces window, uncheck Show Project Presets so it says Workspace Presets (Global) above the right pane.

Select your presets in the left pane.

Click the > symbol to copy the presets to the right pane.

Now these will be available in all new projects.

Please, no. Anyway Logic does have workspaces, in addition to the single window interface you mentioned.


Except when they are not.

I find this WS ‘feature’ to be very intermittent.

After years of trying in C6/6.5 I gave up.

And then C7 shipped and I tried it again and it worked!.YEA! …for a while.

But now WS are back to normal intermittent behavior.

I’ll try again with C8.

Really glad this feature is working for many users tho’ because when it does,
it can be a real timesaver.

And to the OP, Good Luck!


Dont worry about one window like Logic. If you like flying and disapearing windows and hiding plugins you will have undock option :wink: Thank you for your help Sir.

I finally got my head around them this year. The problem for me was leaving “Show Project Presets” checked. I do not understand, and do not foresee ever understanding what they mean by Project Presets.

With that unchecked I create/edit workspaces in the left pane, and the copy them to the right, and they are available in all projects. What a pane. :wink: but I can use workspaces. (I have a bunch now)

I’m on it!

Thanks Steve.


:laughing: I totally agree. I would love to see that kind of windowing system. Workspaces at least help to keep things organized.


this flying everything in Cubase looks very ancient…and I really hate that flying transport bar which is always in the middle of the action…

Its working. But for not every project. If project contain older workspace presets they are active. I must delete them and copy global presets to the left…click, click, click…

Well, I don’t know if this actually makes it simpler but try this-

  • activate a left pane workspace and unlock it
  • activate a right pane workspace
  • lock the left pane workspace.

You have copied the global workspace to the current one.

+1. Exactly mate. Ancients window system. But Steinberg do a lot to workflow this days. So lets see if they do it for windows maybe ?

A-ha. Thanks.

It’s working!!!

Mahalo Steve.



Whith file in preferences stored workspaces presets ?

Window Layouts.xml

Just what I was looking for as well. Thanks! :ugeek: