workspaces in cubase 8.5...

the release of cubase 8 changed workspaces somewhat, and that raised a few questions for me…

in cubase 8.5, does workspaces still function the same as in cubase 8, or like in cubase 7.5 ?
if it does behave like in cubase 8, is there anyway I can select to the “old” behaviour like cubase 7.5 ?



In Cubase 8.5 the Worskpaces work as in Cubase 8, of course.

Which part of Worskpaces exactly do you want to change (to C7.5 behaviour), please?

well, in previous version of cubase and nuendo, all windows are within the actual cubase window itself, so in the taskbar there is only 1 active application for cubase, regardless of the workspaces within cubase. when I tried cubase 8 (any version from 8 - 8.0.3) all workspaces came up as individual windows instead of 1 window.

as my workflow involves going back and forth between cubase and other applications, I found this really problematic in cubase 8.
not only workspaces, but also the minimizing cubase to the taskbar function…
I also posted about this here…



This is not linked with Worskpaces at all. This is just another function, and new Cubase behavior. As a Mac user, I really like this even on Windows. All windows are totally free, finally.

I have completely given up on workspaces. Good to see someone can use it.

I have 4 identical 21-inch monitors. 3 of the monitors are dedicated to the 3 Cubase mix consoles with the 4th dedicated to the project page. For some unknown reason, after using workspaces on mix console 3, the tracks continually shrink. Every time I use the workspace then go back, the tracks get narrower. This doesn’t happen in mix consoles 1 or 2…but only 3.

This behavior has been happening since C7.

I note other users have the opposite problem where the tracks become larger. :laughing:

Yes, this calculation of Channel width in MixConsole… :-/

thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:
I still feel a bit itchy about upgrading to 8.5, as the upgrade to 8 actually meant a step back down to 7.5 for me.

then again… I somehow feel that the upgrade price will probably be worth it, if its only for the retrologue 2 :slight_smile:


I’m getting a weird sense of deja vu :confused:

oh, how so ?


Because 20 seconds ago I read the exact same thing in another thread and 30 seconds before that I read it again in a third thread :smiley: