Workspaces still include timeline position and zoom setting. This is not good. Please fix this.
I want to keep my zoom settings and timeline position as they were when switching between workspaces. Workspaces are now almost unusable because of this.

Bye Tumppi


I recently made the cross-grade from Cubase to Nuendo and this was always very confusing to me. I would LOVE to know what workflow Steinberg had in mind when designing ‘workspaces’. I honestly can’t think of a reason why you would want workspaces to store timeline and zoom settings, but maybe I’m missing something. At the very least this should be an option when creating workspaces.

I would suggest two independent toggles in Prefs to enable or disable those parameters when recalling…

That would work


PLEASE allow us to create/use workspaces without it storing zoom and timeline settings.




Can someone give explanation why these thing are linked and when can we expect this fixed?

Bye / Tumppi


No? :mrgreen:



I feel an absolute need to bumb this!


It is a BUMB timeeee!


oh my god this would be a great fix +1 for me

  • me !

So do I. Please, Steinberg’s crew, I want this gift for Xmas !