Worried About Nothing

Hi y’all, this is the latest mix of this. I’ve looked to get a nice bottomy feel to the guitar at the start, hopefully not too much during the song nor too jangly, and a more realistic-sounding brass, which is mean to sound warm and mellow with the occasional soaring phrase. Acoustic bass and brushes/hats/low kick round it out.

How’s the balance on your ears?


To listen, click Cactus Juice in the sig. It should be the first song <<<

Hi Duncan

Vocals, guitar and mix are excellent. Personally I preferred the brass in the previous version. These brass sounds sound like they are from the 1920’s. Sorry. :blush:



That brass was a real 8-ache and it still felt a little - buzzy, I think. Ended up with a big scoop out of the upper-mids and a boosted top-end, especially around 6k, also plenty somewhere between 500-1k (all this is from memory). I’ll go back and have a listen to the other one and see how they compare.

I’ve got plans for a mandolin part, once I’ve got my fingers working again.

Cheers, hope to see you in Oz this weekend.

(How did the football go?)

I like this song too. I agree with Dave about the brass sounding old fashioned. Mandolin will sound excellent on this, so looking forward to that.

When you say old-fashioned, do you mean the sound or the arrangement?

How about replacing the brass with a B3 patch?

Nice song with an interesting hook. The volume level is fairly low – I turned everything up and it was still pretty quiet. I thought maybe the drums could come up some

You mean B3 as in the organ? Well, it wouldn’t sound like the Brighouse and Rastrick meets the Mariachi if I did that! :wink: Rightly or wrongly, the image in my head of wandering players is far too deeply rooted to change at this late stage.

I’m working on a version that has a bit more oomph but the version you were listening to on MySpace is unmastered and is an mp3 that has unfortunately been re-encoded by the site, hence the quality. I have only just discovered that MySpace do this.

Thanks for the comments.