Worse performance concerning VST-Plugins

when I use the VST plugin “Roland XV5080” in VST Live 2.14, I get a constant cracking sound. I also often see excessive CPU usage. In Cubase 13 I don’t have these problems. I can play five XV5080 instances in parallel and also play one instanz live.
With other plugins I always had the feeling that VST-Live had worse performance than Cubase. With this plugin this is now clearly noticeable. I also tried “Multicore”. That didn’t help either.
Can you help me?
Kind regards, Heiko

… can you please install the latest 2.0.15 and re-check that “Multi Processing” is disabled.


Hi Michael,
I installed 2.0.15 and it seems much better.
Until now I haven’t got any issues. I hope it stays that way :slight_smile:
Kind regards