Would an index of features not implemented yet be useful?

In trying to get a handle on the new program, I opened up an XML file and then tried to do some things on the piece as a learning tool. And, a number of times I have something I wanted to do, couldn’t figure out how to do it after much searching and then going to the forum and looking for other folks that have encountered the same issue. More times than not, I find that what I wanted to do has not been implemented yet.

So, my question is, would it be more efficient for both users and Dorico staff to staff maintain a “sticky” posting of those things that are still in process are not yet working. If there was such a list, I know that I would go there first to see if it is something that is still on the to do list. And, I would think for staff, that may lessen the need to say things repeatedly.

There is a list of things to come under paragraph “The first update” in http://blog.steinberg.net/2016/11/dorico-is-available-now-first-update-coming-november/#more-1521 which may tell some of the things that are missing now.