Would be nice if Cubase could import MPEG files (audio)

A lot of phone files are always in MPEG…I always need to convert them in MP3 first :confused:
Would be very helpful to import them straight away!

What you mean with MPEG?
MP3 is MPEG as well… that’s what the MP is for

try to download any whatsapp attachement and import it in cubase, wont work.
thats what I mean:)
windows tells me the download is *.mpeg

oh yes… mpeg is video…!?

Mpeg is indeed video format, Whatsapp on Android oddly terns any media into mpeg even if it’s not a video media, and on iPhone it usually uses the aac file extension.
You can convert it with hundreds of media conversion tools, but I developed a multi tool that specializes in DAW work, converting videos for smooth playback in any DAW, replacing audio in video files, splitting any video into separate audio and video streams, and much more including instantly converting any video or audio into PCM .Wav file in case you get any unwanted audio/video file.
It cost a bit, but makes your life so easy that in my humble opinion it worth the small investment.
Look for ER Media ToolKit on google;)