... would be nice if cutting a midi event cut the contents..

yeah, one of the few things that annoys me about Cubase… if I slice a midi event it doesn’t slice the midi notes inside the event…

any chance of adding this ability? as a feature perhaps

What does it do to the note at the slice?

It is already there! :wink:
Preferences>Editing>MIDI>“Split MIDI Events” and/or “Split MIDI Controllers”.

@ Alexis,
Normally, in Cubase, the MIDI note-off data is in fact written in the same data block as the note-on (or rather, it is the note length that gets stored there), rather than, as one might expect, as a separate note-off event at the appropriate position on the timeline.
So, with this option disabled, if you split a MIDI Part while a note is normally still playing (i.e. the note-on data is before the split), the info about the note-off is stored there also (and doesn’t get modified), so that note will continue to play for its stored length.
With the option enabled, it modifies the note-length data, such that the note ends at the split point, and then a new, but identical note is created at the split point (and plays until the original note end)
Similarly, “Split MIDI Controllers” inserts a new CC event, identical to the last one before the split.

Thank you, Vic France! I’ve noticed the “double hits” in SX3 when splitting while a note is playing, which is usually not what I like - I’ll check to see if SX3 has the same preference. I’m assuming the controller data “stays” with the note if the note is not split …

hah! thanks a lot, glad i made this post now!

thanks again! :slight_smile:

Thanks vic_france, truly helpful !