Would like solo violin near end on same staff as section violins?

As in the title I would like to notate a violin solo on the same staff as the section violins which don’t play during the solo… Is this at all possible? thanks

Depending on which VST you’re using, you could put the violin solo in a new voice on the same staff as the section violins and use independent voice playback to route the existing voice(s) to section violins and the new voice to a solo violin.

Dear John,
I am not sure the OP has any problem with playback (yet). It looks more like a divisi problem to me.
Dear Richard, if I understand well, your solo violin is an independent player in your document (setup mode, players list)? If so, why not cue it to the violin section? In other words, what’s the exact purpose of having that solo on the same staff of the violin section? That must be for the parts, since the score could only show the populated staves, so it would show the solo violin…
You could also use the divisi feature in Dorico, and have your whole solo violin within the violin section, as a solo divisi — the section being gli altri. But you would not get a solo part in the end, it would be a solo + gli altri part.

Thanks for the replies. It is not a solo instrument per se. Only near the end of the piece so it can and, in my opinion just be on the staff as the rest of the first violins as it is played by the concert master. I can put the notes there but I get a violin section in play back instead of a solo violin. Of course I could just do 2 versions of the score. I use note performer. It wouldn’t make since to divide the staves since only the concert master plays for the length of his solo.

After you activate independent voice playback for the staff in question, the NotePerformer mixer will use a separate slot for each voice on that staff, though the slots for the voices after up-stem voice 1 will appear after all other slots in use. If you look at the NotePerformer mixer while playing only the solo violin passage, the blinking activity light will tell you which slot corresponds to the new voice used by the solo violin. You can then change the sound for that slot in the NotePerformer mixer to that of a solo violin.

If it’s the concert master, I would really use the divisi feature. I mean, that’s what it’s there for, isn’t it? If you’re using Noteperformer, it should be played by a solo violin automatically, I suppose.

I took Marc’s advice and added a divisi staff and then hid the empty tutti staff and that gets me what I wanted. Thanks for the responses.

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OK Marc, you win this one. :slightly_smiling_face: