Would like to see lyrics and chords on the same view

I’d like to see a combined view of both the lyrics and chords on the same screen with the chords right above the corresponding lyrics. This would allow me as the guitar (or piano) player see both the chords and lyrics at the same time.


@ericwentz, are you talking about VST Live? Have you checked the “CHORDS” view? Open the “Lower Zone” and select “LYRICS”. Now you can see the Chords and Lyrics views. There’s also a "e"dit button on the upper, left corner of the LYRICS view to disable the editing tool.
…or you talking about the VST Live Mods iOS app? Yes, I agree to it. It needs a multi viewer.




Yes, I know about the chords view - but I’d like to see the chords AND the lyrics on the same view.
Thanks, -e

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