Would love to see Akai MPC work together

There is a new feature just released with ableton and akai MPC… it’s called Ableton Live Set export
. This allows you to export your project into ableton and creates a folder and audio channels to be able to finish in ableton… it’s faster then export and importing stems… also it just looks clean to work with and keeps creative flow.


Have you had any luck connecting the mpc live to Cubase as a vst. I have tried what akai says to do from their site, but cubase vst can not see the mpc live as vst. Any info would be incredible Thank You.

I have not since 2.8 was just released…it been 3 months since I used the software as a vst since i could not record midi into the cubase…

Just got the MPC Studio Black. I have Cubase 8 LE AI Elements. When I go to open my Cubase now that the MPC software is installed Cubase won’t even open. If I want to use Cubase I have to uninstall MPC. I’ve made sure
All my Cubase items are running the most current drivers and firmware. When I uninstall the MPC software Cubase opens and operates like normal. The only thing I am getting from Cubase when MPC is installed is upon opening it gets as far as “ Initiallizing: VST.X2 Plug-in——-> MPC” then disappears and gives me a “ Cubase closed unexpectedly” window. Also I’m using a 2013 MacBook Pro 13” iOS 10.12.6. With a 1TB SSD Hard drive with 8(I think) GB of RAM… soooooo frustrating having to uninstall and reinstall MPC almost daily as I use my Cubase on a regular basis. HEEEEELP!!

Looks interesting but it’s weird that they made it a Live Set rather than arranging them in the arrange window. Looks like they intend it more for live performance than for mixing.

Couldn’t you just make the Ableton set on the MPC then open Cubase, open the pool, browse to the Samples folder of the Ableton set, import all the bounced down audio then drop it on the arrange window? You’d only loose the volume levels and panning.

DOD the latest update 2.8.1 for akai fix your issue looks related to MAC OS