Would mixer snapshots be to much to ask for?

Instead of saving a new version of a project ,I would love to have different mixes to switch back and forth to in same project,with completely different everything…maybe??


Quite a bit of good thinking in Sonar on this matter - MIxrecall.
You can even have different plugins in different MixRecalls that are saved.
And there are checkboxes what to include so you get it on a level that suits you - plugins, automation and so forth.
The only thing remaining is clips on tracks - that are the same.

I did an experiment with Waves NLS to see which console I liked better, and different positions.
MIxRecall is perfect for this kind of learning process as well - what does different console emulations do to a mix.

In Cubase maybe extend Trackversions with options what to include would be swell - now being only clips on tracks.
That be true track versions on the level you choose.


Way to much to ask for.

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    would like to have 4 (8) “Snapshot” Buttons in the Mix Console to save Mixing States !

e.g., with STR+ Click you can save, with Click on Button you can recall saved state.


+1 Well, if it can be done, absolutely!

+1 Well, if it can be done, absolutely!

Oh forgot to add a
I made the exact same request 2 or 3 years ago.

My only problem with this… as with all similar requests… is DOCUMENTATION. It’s not enough to simply be able to save a Mix Snapshot if you can’t remember what is significant about that ‘version’. So: EVERY save should have a Notepad of some sort to allow one to describe its unique features.

This should also go for Track Versions -and- for different versions of a CPR. In fact, I wouldn’t even need Mixer Snapshots -if- I had a way to save notes on each -version- of the CPR that I could see when I was browsing in the Open Project list.

My idea has always been to put version control into Media Bay… ie. you could see the notes for each Track Version or CPR version in Media Bay to help you recall what was so great about each object.

Excellent idea, if I may say so :wink:.

Why thank you. Not to beat a dead horse, but one advantage of Tape is that you can write about it on the reel. You can -never- lose that note. Using a separate ‘app’ or keeping a diary as people try to do is a recipe for disaster. One needs the documentation as a -part- of the object. As grease pencil is a part of a tape reel. Un-losable.

+1 to mixer snapshots