Would my CPU be enough Cubase 13 Pro?

Hey guys, I’m using an AMD ryzen 7 5800x (8 core) with 32GB ram.
I usually make beats and mix using a lot of Kontakt Library instruments.
The CPU worked out well for me in Cubase 11 Pro, but I’m wondering if my CPU will have a harder time doing the same tasks on Cubase 13 Pro since it is a bit old.

Your CPU and amount of RAM fits the minimum system requirements laid out by Steinberg.
You can always install the demo version and test it out.

My office machine is running Cubase on a Ryzen 5 5600G with 16GB.
It is just for quick checking transferred project data, but it’s working very well.
No problem so far with C13.

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Great to know! Are the data usually just audio tracks, or includes heavy vsts or plugins as well?

Not heavy VSTi load, I would say medium load.
Mostly HALion and Groove Agent, and a bit Kontakt.

Plugins are mostly stock plugins and FabFilter, Arturia, SIR, Klanghelm and UADx.

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CPU wise you are 100% fine, 13 runs fine on a quadcore from 2011 too (2600k). But …what feature are you needing that is added? C11 is really nice, I still use it.

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Thanks for the info!
Wanting to move because the UI looks more comprehensive and new stock plugins sound really nice
Also think the transition is just going to boost inspiration and help with the workflow on subconscious level :smirk:

Also think the transition is just going to boost inspiration and help with the workflow on subconscious level
You are so right! So make that a :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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For some of us the inspiration and workflow was destroyed. Unlucky 13, I suppose.

Dang… is this the online authorization problem?

It’s like coming home to find all the furniture has been re-arranged. And all the utensils in the kitchen have been moved from this draw to that one, and what was in that draw is now in this one.
I spent more time looking for existing features that have been moved about than actually making music. The frustration of it quenched the spark.
I shouldn’t be ranting, it’s bad for the blood pressure.

Wow… that’s actually a really scary analogy
Guess I should try the software out for free and then buy it
Were you able to eventually adapt though?

No. C13 is a bridge too far. When 14 comes out I’ll be demoing first. And I’ve been a regular Cubase user since 1992.