Would you recommend Cubase for voice editing?

I am editing voiceovers, and wondering if I can use Cubase for editing and conversion? …or is it an overkill?

Well if you are only using Cubase for one single task, it will almost always be overkill independent of what that task is - simply because it does many things.

That said Cubase has a comprehensive set of audio editing tools - even in the most limited versions. If you anticipate that you might want to explore adding custom music with MIDI Cubase is an excellent choice. But if all you want to do for the foreseeable future is edit audio, then a free program like Audacity could well be all you need.

There is a Cubase trial available.

Good luck sorting it out.


Raino, thanks! I tried Audacity and really don’t like the interface. Also, looked at SoundForge, the price is comparable to Cubase 11 Pro ed version, which I am eligible for. That’s why I am looking at one of these two variants.

I just wish there would be a Light version of Cubase that is has limited feature set and less expensive.

But there are several. Check out this chart, especially the Recording and Audio Editing sections.

If you can use an educational discount Elements is less that $70US.

The AI and LE versions are free and typically come bundled with hardware - so you might even find some equipment you need and get Cubase as part of that deal.