Would you 'rent' plugs/FX etc from Steiny?

Interesting post.

Like many others now wondering how far
this new ‘business model’ will extend going forward.

Is this now our tech/software future?

Unless I’m mistaken, the $29/month requires a one-year pre-payment, and the $49 is month-to-month, and can be cancelled at any time. I don’t see how that constitutes “enslavement,” especially in a case like mine where it’s highly unlikely I’d use any of the modules with any regularity

Not sure where I got the $75 amount –

Consider the Black Economy!!

Would be a cool feature to try plugins for a month or so, maybe you could get a few weeks for free just to evaluate?

I got my ‘Temperpedic’ mattress that way. :slight_smile:

Consider the Pink Economy!!!