Would you 'rent' plugs/FX etc from Steiny?

Aloha guys.

Subject line says it all.
And not just Steiny stuff. 3rd party plugs/FX as well.

Rather than owning a plug/FX that you would use on occasion,
would you pay a fraction of the price to access it
on a time limited basis?

Kinda like a ‘Use it when you need it’ approach.


TIA (thanks in advance)

No! Definitely not!
What happens when I have to dig out an old archived project for a remix and half the plugins used are “no longer supported/available” for example. Not to mention I’ll have to suffer the missing plugins messages until I have re-rented the required plugins. Plus I’ll have to forward these costs as additional overhead onto the clients.
Furthermore, how should I experiment with different effects or instruments if I don’t have them at my disposal to try
No forget it!

I’m with Brihar, those are valid points.

Those ARE valid points from BriHar. I would rent a major app, but would want to own the plugs.

At one time Samplitude had a rental program, and it worked quite well. For a fraction of the cost of the program, I used it for two years, and received an automatic upgrade to the new version. I use Adobe Creative Cloud now, and it is a no-brainer. I have a Edu license, so it is $20/mo for any latest build of any app in their creative suite, on two machines, x-platform, and I’ve already enjoyed one major upgrade.

But plugs? I’ll own them, thanks.

n o

… does it come with wafers? :wink:

You mentioned your positive position on using the Adobe suite as a cloud service in a previous conversation including the $20 monthly. You didn’t specific that you had an edu license though. How much is a full license? Also ,do you have to be online to use the suite? Here in SF ,a local tech Sunday morning show featured a representative from Adobe talking about the Growth of their cloud software. He was pretty insistent that there were no drawbacks and all software would be this way soon. The 3 person panel interviewing him didn’t ask a single scrutinizing question including whether connectivity was mandatory ,customers being hostage to price changes, what happens if customer drops service and returns a year later : would they be charged for moving forward (like the DMV)

Anyway I’m not asking these questions of you ,just want to know the regular monthly price and whether you have to be connected

I believe the price, non-edu, full, no specials, is 49/mo US. I’ve seen intro specials for as long as a year at 29, I think. Going from memory here. Still a good deal, considering some businesses were paying over $1,500 a seat, then needing to upgrade, for the full suite, and I’ve spend probably $600 in CS5.x licensees just on the the three or four apps I use regularly on an academic deal.

NO, you do NOT have to be online to use them. But being online ensures that Adobe notifies you of updates, automatically, and that part is easy and smooth…way better than going to the Adobe site and poking around for the latest download.

There is a time commitment I believe… I need to check on that before responding. I don’t think there is any king of pro-rata rebate if you cancel in the middle of a month or something. I don’t care about that, anyway.

Just went and got the proper link: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativecloud.html

BTW, people who are dis’ing it are probably running it on crappy machines. These are POWERFUL apps, and after start up, a decent multi-core—say anything over an i5 or Phenom with 16GB of memory can handle them easily. They are awesome on my 8-core.

Tanx for the thoughts and info guys.

You can also subscribe to individual modules of the Creative Cloud, or you can subscribe to the entire Cloud on a month-by-month basis for $75/mo.

If it comes to that, I will go back to using my hardware equipment instead. Paying for a new version every now and again I can live with, but slimy subscriptions schemes I can live without. I don’t even have cable TV for that reason. I would pay to see a limited amount of TV content, but I will not pay to see commercials and a ton of crap content. (Netflix is awesome.)

If there were a certain plug-in that I wanted just for a limited application, sure I could see renting one. I’d go ahead and print/render it, and that would be that. Sure I couldn’t revisit it for a remix later, but that’s no different than not being able to call a singer or soloist back in for another take.

Limitations, sure, but if it brings something to the project I wanted but couldn’t get without paying a bunch more to actually own the plugin, I could definitely see it working.

I suppose there are trial versions for most plugins, but I always feel sleazy about trialing something I don’t have intention of buying.

Actually there’s a huge difference.
We’re not talking about the bed or recorded tracks. Let’s say the original mix used a specific reverb, and or compressor or whatever that made that vocal “perfect”, and now it’s no longer available.

Well, that would be fine for me! If it were perfect, I wouldn’t need to worry whether I needed to have it available or not, I wouldn’t be needing to change it. Understanding it may be fine only for me, but I was just answering the question by the OP.


unless they clean my toilets and take out the trash too. :wink:


Personally, I feel the Creative Cloud is a good deal. All the modules together would be close to $4,000 out of pocket. Since I wouldn’t be a frequent user, let alone a commercial user, $75/mo., with the option to quit at any time, is a nice alternative. IMHO

I subscribe to the entire cloud for $29, and the link suggests that the regular is $49. Is $75 the commercial cost?


Another reason to avoid the cloud!

The Adobe rental enslavement model is almost universally hated