Wouldn’t be nice to be able to see instrument while editing insert effects

Petition to see instrument and insert effect on screen and keyboard and insert effects on screen

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Hello guys how are you all doing? Wouldn’t be nice if there is an update which makes it possible to have insert effect and instrument on screen or even insert effect and keyboard on screen? It would make it very easier for us while we editing some effects and want to see how it’s sound rather than having to close keyboard open effect tweak this is too long

Hello there how are you all doing?4pockets has released an AUv3 tunnel and analyser and after I bought it and tried it in cubasis,i notice I couldn’t see the instrument while I had my insert efx on the screen…something which is normal in cubasis.but I think it’s time for an update​:joy::joy::joy: to enable us to see the instrument while we edit the insert efx and also be able to use the keyboard while insert efx is open.that would make sound design much easier and fun while working in cubasis.its a bit of a pain having to close the efx open instrument make adjustments then Open back efx ecc.kills the production vibe a lil bit.thanks in advance :kissing_heart: