wouldn't it be wonderful - a really good lyric/score editor


Wouldn’t it be a wonderful addition to Cubase, a REAL well designed lyric/score editor. The current one in Cubase is SOooooooo primitive and clunky, I can’t believe how unintuitive it all is, particularly adding lyrics to a score.

Would somebody PLEASE get a really good software designer to interview about 100 songwriters using Cubase and see what we all REALLY want. Rather than offer a very geeky, laborious, illogical and clunky solution as it is?

(songwriter using Cubase who hasn’t been interviewed yet …)


Steinberg bought Sibelius development team from AVID (check it here). I hope, we will be very sutisfied in next versions of Cubase. :wink:

Thanks for your input. I have read the Cubase 7 specification and new features listings and see nothing mentioned about any improvement in the scoring/lyric writing area at all? If Cubase 7 doesn’t have it, then I guess we could be waiting another 2 years until Cubase 8 comes out as I doubt any of the 7 series would include such a major feature. That’s a bit disappointing though.


Yes, Cubase 7 was finished before this deal. So there is no new score feature in the Cubase 7. I’m not sure, if there will be any feature in Cubase 8. I’m not developer, I’m not from the marketing office of Steinberg, etc. I’m just the user.

Maybye, Cubase 7.5 will have. :wink: Maybye, Steinbreg will develop own software outside of the Cubase. I don’t know, we will see.