Wow - Just Noticed No Vista Support!

Bummer! :cry: The bad news keeps coming.

I know it’s not officially supported, but with it WORK on Vista 64 bit?

Oh, come on…

Well, obviously I missed that sticky.

Well, obviously…
Too involved in moveable frozen VSTi parts…

Which clearly states “not supported” but doesn’t say “won’t install and run on”.

Right - So that’s my question. Will it run on Vista 64 bit?



Probertly yes, but we have not tested it.



Heck, I should probably switch over to Windows 7 anyway. Been a little afraid to do an in place conversion, but I’ll maybe image my drive and give it a shot.

Any disk image software suggestion by anyone (for Vista 64)?

screw vista, do a total fresh install and work through it, when it’s over you’ll have something a lot better than vista ever was, that’s how it was for me, I never have crashes and I’m constantly freezing and unfreezing. stick with popular brand plugs, after that the built in windows 7 imaging software works great so you only have to set it up once unless you replace the os drive.

Well. I need to image my Vista drive BEFORE installing Windows 7 in case something happens. I want to try an in-place update first since it’ll be a LOT easier than having to re-install 75+ programs from disk plus all the updates and re-authorizations.

BTW- I NEVER crash under Vista either. :slight_smile:

if it were me I would reinstall the 75 plug ins on a fresh os install from scratch, any other way is a hack. since you can image right after you only have to do it once, it’s worth it. 7 is better than vista, if you have problems with a plug in dump it. I use a lot and had no problems with 95% of them.

good luck.

In-place updates is not a hack. Especially going from Vista 64 to Windows 7 64 bit. It’ll take me a MONTH to to get back to where I was otherwise. I have better things to do with my time.

I hear ya, your reasons for not doing a fresh install are actually my reasons for doing one, such a big change should be started from scratch, because if you don’t have time to do it right the first time when will you find time to do it twice?

like I said that was my experience, I would never do it the way you describe and expect the stability that I have now, but good luck either way.

if you’re ever experiencing crashing I’ll have to drop a link to this thread though. :slight_smile:

I’ve ALWAYS done in-place updates without ANY issues other than those than result from non-compatibility of certain software on the new O/S, which I would have had either way.

In any case, I’m doing it. :unamused: What I’m really asking for is imaging software recommendations.

oh the eye roll, guess I offended you. maybe this will too,

I don’t know anyone who uses 3rd party imaging software anymore since the one built into windows 7 works so well and is free.

Right. So everyone in the world has already converted to Windows 7. Jeez…Next

If you’re looking for payware imaging software in my Windows days I relied on Acronis True Image. Saved my bacon more than once.

Thanks! :slight_smile: