wow padshop pro

i don’t care that it’s cost £9 to upgrade to the pro version id just like to say thanks steiny for opening it up for our own samples …brilliant !

Many Thanks to Steinberg for listening to our requests, and releasing Padshop Pro, now loading our own samples into Padshop Pro is a big plus.

Steinberg Rocks !

Cheers, and Applause,

The new reverb effect sounds very nice too :slight_smile:

Anyone who has it: what does it let you import? Wav’s? Other filetypes? What about samplerates/bitrates? Is there a maximum length?

so it says ,aifc ,aiff,wav ,tg3,wave 64,rex,rex2, thats all ,no mp3 ,

ive spend 3 hours playing with it and im absolutly over welmed ,it’s pretty amazing ! :wink: :wink:

Can anyone kindly let me know how drum loops sound when imported? Can you play around with a drum loop and put up a sound file I can hear?

If you import RX2/WAV, are you able to adjust the tempo to match the project from within Pad Shop pro to keep things in time with the rest of your project?

I’m just imagining all the possibilities of importing my own samples and then tweaking certain parameters on a per note basis… this is blowing my mind!

it certainly is a crazy tool for sound manipulation and with note expression on top it’s going to take some beating im very impressed so far and this is a gear junkie talking :astonished: :astonished:

What do you do before importing a sample? I am asking this because when I import a wav file (by drag n drop), it imports and I can play it but I still hear the sound of padshop’s sound behind my sample’s sound. How can I delete everything (every sound and filters etc) on padshop before importing a sample?

I tried to import a drum wav sound, it plays it like a synth sound. What should I do first to hear the original sound of the sample when I import and play?


you need to play around with the formant as a lot of the samples are at a higher formant than the original sample but what you need to remember a granular synth plays little grains of the sample in different orders ,just play with it and you’ll se :wink:

Ah well, just got it, can’t really go wrong with €10,- :slight_smile:
Hope I can get some time with it tomorrow.

I remember a whole wave of reaction aimed at these new synths during the days after the release of 6.5. A lot of people considered these synths as gimmicks and saw no real reason to pay the price and upgrade.

I think now, after this release,… Well thats not gonna be the case for a whole load of those people. Padshop pros a real addition to Cubase and what it can do.

Agreed. At first I was sceptical but I admit, then I got surprised how well Padshop’s sounds fit into my songs.
Though I must say, I’m not overwhelmed by the sound quality & modulation possibilities, if I compare it e.g. to RAZOR vom Native Instruments which I purchased for just a 40 €.

Nevertheless congrats to our Hamburgers & thumbs up for this release!

What is the problem with the sound quality?

Just the plain fact that Razor which is about the same price level sounds way better: crispier, clearer, more powerful and modulations are much more impressive.
Sure, I’m talking about different ways of synthesis and I admit, I haven’t yet listened to the Pro-version with the newly integrated reverb. It certainly does a good job in my arrangements, but I always have to put a certain effort into this instrument (e.g. compression/loudness/transparency) to make it work for me in the mix.

Finally I can drag my vocals into it, exactly what I was hoping for when it was first released. Thanks for the upgrade. :slight_smile:

id get your ears checked and cleaned if i was yopu because there is absolutely no problems with sound quality at this end …some people are never happy :unamused: :unamused:

some need an ear check, others a mind check. Such is life…

Is it possible to load different samples to each notes on padshop pro?
I mean for example a battery kit. Is it possible to load bassdrum to C, snaredrum to D etc. If so how?

This is not possible. Padshop does not work like a traditional “sampler”.