Wrap destoys everything...

Hi I’m used to use wrap function to adjust grid & tempo. However this time, I’m using wrap(not the second wrap musical follow event), and the track i’m adjusting is now right but the other tracks sound different than what it was sound before… Using warp should not change how it sound right?

All midi tracks are in “musical mode”(with a musical note, not a clock)


Aloha r,

You posted:

I’m used to use wrap function

My question,
What is ‘Wrap’?

in piano roll, wrap is just like cut, or write is a tool

What page in the manual does it say that? :mrgreen:

Do we have a language difficulty? Google translate might help us out here. Either you can translate (to English) in google or rewrite your question in your language and one of us will try.

Warp, maybe? Although I do agree that wrap destroys everything…! :laughing:


A real hindrance to creativity - much like a condom.

Come on guys, you must know he he meant warp. He even wrote the non-transposed version in his OP.

Anywho. For MIDI all tracks in Musical time base are affected the same.

Any tracks you want not affected should be in Linear time base.

Ah, thanks. The fact that he used warp, properly, was what was confusing. My brain assumed that wrap must therefore mean something else. But that’s internet misunderstanding for you. Anyway sorry for any offense if caused.
And to alter my lazy understanding I should have translated:

in piano roll, wrap is just like cut, or write is a tool

to “in piano roll, wrap is just like cut or write. Is a tool.”
But warping is a dangerous enterprise. Needs using with care.
As little as possible. Warp too much and the fabric of Cubase’s space-time can stretch too far and things will fall apart.
Experiment with it’s limits before trying to use it for correction of one’s everyday masterpieces or the drummer’s hideously bad timing. Should work on the odd bit of (unhideous) bad timing however.

Let’s do the time wrap again. Let’s do the time wrap again. :smiley:

‘It’s just a jump to the letf’. :slight_smile:

This place is starting to sound like HR…

Stop having fun guys or you may end up in the GS ‘banned’ from this forum thread. lol!

If I were a moderator here, I would have edited the initial post before this happened. It was quite obvious what the OP meant. Well, kind of.

Just because someone whom obviously either uses a different first language or may be dyslexic, does not give free reign to harsh on the dood. Hell, the software was written in a different language than this particular section of the forum.

On a side note. lol!

ROTFLMAO!!! (and BriHar’s condom thang was also killer).

All jokes aside seems Steve is the ‘adult in the room’, called us on it (ma bad) and gave the correct answer.

Tanx Steve for helping to keep a lid on this.