Wrapper to use VST2 plugins for Intel processors with Dorico 4 on M1 Mac mini

I used Lexicon PCM reverb plugins for years with Intel-equipped MacBook Pros running Dorico and would love to use them again with my M1 Mac mini but they are expressly noted as compatible only with Intel processors. Is there a plugin wrapper that would translate them to VST3 and also make them natively compatible with Apple Silicon?

Would they work under Rosetta?

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Apparently not. The manufacturer expressly limits their useability to Intel processors.

Have you tried running Dorico in Rosetta mode? It should work then with the Lexicons. Just do not forget to unblock them in the Dorico preferences on the VST Plug-ins tab.
The whole purpose of Rosetta is to run native Intel code on an M1.

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Thanks Derrek and Ulf! Clearly, I was too careful after reading that the plugins were only functional with Intel processors running Mac OS 11 or earlier (I am on Mac OS 13) and am grateful for the “push” so that I now have the plugins working in Rosetta mode.

Still, if anybody is aware of a wrapper that would allow me to operate the plugins in Native Apple Silicon mode that would be even better and allow me to take full advantage of Dorico 4’s speed.

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You ought to persuade the developers to create a VST3 plug-in.

Apparently, Steinberg stopped supporting the VST Software Development Kit to devs 10 years ago!

The developers have been promising to update to VST3 for a long time but in practical terms, nothing is happening. It is another example of a company takeover where the new owner seems to have little interest in doing anything apart from selling what they already have - a sad story too often repeated.



Not a Dorico user here, so I cannot say much about it, but I saw this thread in my mail and there is a way you could make it work.

You can use Bluecat’s Patchwork. Instead of loading the VST just load the AU version of the plugin. Intel only AU plugins will load in Rosetta mode, regardless if eg. Logic is running native or in Rosetta mode.

Btw, Lexicon said in their forum the update will come this year, let’s see…


Thank you for your willingness to help. As it turns out I have been able to load the plugins directly into Dorico so long as I am in Rosetta mode. I lhave understood for the past couple of years that an update to a native Apple Silicon version was coming and if/when this happens I will be happy indeed as I love the sounds that the Lexicon PCM plugins add to a mix.

Thanks, Mike Philcox