write 2 voices with midi keyboard

<Maybe this subject is somewhere discussed but I didn’t found anything. Maybe somebody can give me some tips.

I would like to write 2 voices in the same time with midi keyboard. Writing for strings you have divisi on the same staff many times and I don’t want to spend time writing the same rhythm many times with different notes and different voice.
Can you let me know how this can be achieved?
I attached an example of what I have to write.

You can’t write two voices at once using MIDI (or any other method, for that matter). After writing, you could filter-select all bottom notes and change them to Downstem Voice 2.

ok. I never thought about this. Would be useful to have the same principle as “extending carrot on multiple staves” on this also … would simplify things.
Anyway, thanks

You could always enter the music on two staves by extending the caret and then copy past the lower staff’s notes into a downstem voice on the upper staff.