WRITE and PRINT display different noteheads

write view


I think this might be a bug but perhaps it can be solved. MY PRINT view and WRITE view are displaying different results. I am using the same layout in both views.

I tried undoing and resetting noteheads but still no change.

Any ideas?

I think you might need to upload a cut down version of your project that exhibits this behavior for us to have a look at.

As the Deer.dorico (809.8 KB)
This is the Dorico File. You will notice in the PRINT area the letter pitch names are not displayed as they are in the VIEW area.

Curiously, when I print to PDF the noteheads are different in the Voice layout than in the Full Score layout.

01 - Voice - AS THE DEER.pdf (45.0 KB)
01 - Full score - AS THE DEER.pdf (57.1 KB)

The fix for your problem:

In Write mode select all the notes in the Full Score layout (filter if you need to) and turn off the Color property.

01 - Full score - AS THE DEER (1).pdf (57.2 KB)

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Thanks. This fixed the issue.