Write automation broken in Cubase 12?

So I’m probably the one at fault here as is usual with these things But haven’t encountered this problem before in Cubase 11…

Step 1: I record, let’s say, a Retrologue part with some brightness automation
Step 2: I put the automation in Write mode
Step 3: I try to re-record the brightness automation. But whenever I try this the automation tries to snap to the first automation recording. Which makes it impossible to record it.
I use a Keylab MK2 midi controller to record the automation.

I tried changing the automation recording settings in midi recording setup. Didn’t work.
Also strange: If I right-click the track and click on “show used Automation” the brightness track doesn’t show up. But it DOES show up if I double click the track and open it in the track editor window.

Shouldn’t Write mode always try to overwrite the existing automation data?
Or am I missing a setting here?