Write automation from Stylus RMX

I recently purchased Stylus RMX. In general, I only study everything…
I can’t record automation in cubase 9.5 elements
I can see some controls via Remote Controls (accidentally discovered), but I do not see the filters I need
For example, omnisphere has “Enable Host Automation”
How write automation from Stylus RMX? Please advice

Hi and welcome,

Do you want to control the parameter by using hardware controller? Or do you want to Write the automation from GUI (by using mouse)? In general, you can use Generic Remote Device, or Quick Controls (Track or VST).

Top left of the plugin window, there´s 2 buttons R and W, W is for writing automation and R is for reading it.
Toggle the W button, hit the play and write your automation

I have the same question- R and W doesn’t work for Stylus and there is no Enable Host Automation option…