Write Midi Automation based on Audio Signal


I hope this is the right place to post this question and there isn’t an obvious solution I’ve overlooked so far. I guess what I intend to do is a little bit unusual.

I don’t use Cubase as a DAW, but to play Audio and send Midi Signals, both notes and automations, to a VJing software to create something you might want to call a music video. The midi data is received by the VJing software and allows to synchronize Video effects and the played audio very well. For example I can make the video get blurry on every kick drum.

So far automation data is put in manually by clicking, but I’d rather generate it more automatically. For example I’d like to filter the kick drum from the audio file and somehow convert the velocity of the resulting audio file to a Midi automation. I looked into various Tutorials concerning Side-Chain effects, but I always just learned to controll effects with audio file not get the actual singal in an automation.

This whole process I want to create does not have to be exact and does not need to be fully automated. I would be no problem, if I have to export the audio and import a midi file again.

I’m thankful for every help I can get.


You could use some plug-ins to try to filter just the Kick sound (like use only Mids of the record, use only lower part of the frequency spectrum). Than, you can use Render in-Place to get the track Out of it. Now, you have an Audio track with the Kick. Use VariAudio to convert it to MIDI. Make sure, Velocity is nit set to fix.