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An error message saying “The track is write protected. Do you want to disable and continue?” When I click continue, the vocal parts are still not there. The vocal parts are not viewable and cannot be heard on the track.

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When do you get this message, please? What steps do you do before? Which Cubase edition do you use? Is it an Audio track? Where is the project stored? Do you have write permission in the folder?

Hello Martin,
I’m getting the error message just before the tracks are about to open in the DAW.
The track is transferred through a file transferring device that I have used many times. I have never had this issue before.
Right now I’m using Cubase Elements 8, but in the middle of transitioning to Cubase 11 Pro…waiting for the dongle.
Yes, it is only audio tracks.
The track is stored singularly in my Cubase Projects folder.
I’m not sure if I have permission or not. I’ve never had a problem like this so I didn’t know I needed permission.
I did notice the “write protection” in the dropdown in the Media Bay/Media dropdown. I did diable it but didn’t change the result.
Thank you for your help Martin,

Lucy Shropshire


Does this article help?

Please, could you be more clear with the terminology? What exactly do you mean by “track”? What do you mean by “open (track) in the DAW”? Do you really mean a track or do you mean an Audio File? Or do you mean the Project File? Do you really mean open or do you mean load…?