Write SATB from Leadsheet

Hi all
I saw in a video for dorico 5 that there is a new feature for automatically writing a new voice for the songs.
For example when there are scores for 4 instruments Dorico can write a suitable melody for instrument 5. But I can not find any information about it anymore.
I hoped Dorico would be able to write SATB from a Leadsheet.
Any ideas?
Many thanks,

@Daniel_Bossert , welcome to the forum.

I usually read the Version History report for each new release, and I do not recall such a feature appearing.

There was a Polyphonic routine that accetuated certain voices in playback to make it sound more “human” (under the right circumstances), and a version or two ago Dorico offered the ability for the program to “explode”/convert Chord Symbols into chord progressions using selected instruments.

Generating notes from chord symbols (steinberg.help)