Write tabs in Cubase with my computer keyboard


I’ve been writing my songs for years with Guitar Pro. I really liked the intuitive style, that I can compose with my keyboard and insert the tabs easily and fast.

Now I asked myself, wether it is possible to change to Cubase in my writing process, because my sound library is of course way bigger than what Guitar Pro has. But as far as I can see, I have to insert every tab with my mouse which is in my opinion pretty troublesome.

Is there a way to work similar to the writing process of Guitar Pro?


What do you mean by tabs, please?

Could you be more specific, what do you want to achieve, please?

I want to write music with music tabs, same as in Guitar Pro: https://www.thomann.de/pics/bdb/415639/12164867_800.jpg

So every number of the tab can be inserted with my num pad, and I can go back and forth with the arrow keys, which is pretty easy to use. My question is, wether it is possible to do something similar in Cubase.

He means tablature. Cubase cannot do tablatures.


If you want to change to TAB (tablature), open the Clef tab in the Score editor, choose the TAB “key” and click to the key of the score, to change it to tablature.

In the Scores > Settings > Staff > Tablature, you can enable Tablature Mode and define your instrument (Guitar/Bass, Capo, etc.).

Didnt know you could do that

Thanks, but didn’t know, how I can write those tabs with my computer keyboard. Is there an option? Or is there a plugin or something to integrate this feature?


Sorry, what do you mean by “write those tabs with my computer keyboard”, please? Do you mean to insert the MIDI Notes? Use the On-Screen Keyboard, please.

In Guitar Pro I can navigate through the tablature lines with the arrow keys in every direction, so I can change the lines and press on line 2 for example the number 8 on my num pad and then it inserts the tablature right away. This is pretty convenient.

I try to explain, for those who are not familiar with Guitar Pro: for a chord I have to start on the E-string, press 0, press “up”-arrowkey, press 2, press “up”-arrowkey and 2 and I have an E-Powerchord. Then I can press the + key on the num pad and the note is now 1/4 instead of 1/2. I can press right key and go on with the next chord or I can write a melody by pressing for example “3 - right - 5 right - 6 up - 6”. That would result in a melody on the E-string that starts on the 3th fred, goes to the 5 and 6 and then plays the 6th fred on the A-string and so on.

I’m wondering why this in not a part of Cubase, because Guitar Pro is pretty popular since 15 years or so, but there is no integration in Cubase other than export everything and import it as midi. But this makes my writing process not as flexible as I want it to have.