"Write to Next" & "Write to Point" Automation

I love working in Nuendo but two automation features that could seriously elevate it would be adding the ability to write to next , be it audio event of atm event and to be able to write to a defined out point. I know there is the write to loop function but it’s not the same.

Especially in the case of fader automation, rarely is the automation static. It means we could write a pass of dynamic automation, hit stop and know that the last setting written will continue to the next automation change or a selected out point.

I have worked on other DAW’s in the past that have this and it’s great.

Working with Virgin Territories doesn’t fix this as it seems it won’t allow to write to a defined point after starting a pass with dynamic automation. It look like it just adjusts when it reads the next atm points which could get messy on complex atm passes involving lots of parameters.

There are work arounds to achieve my goal using write to loop but they are time consuming.

Does anyone else think this would be useful?

Does it already exist an I’m just missing it?