Write Volume automation without touching a fader?

I’m trying to come up with an easy way to copy and paste all of my automation parameters for selected tracks so I can easily copy settings between scenes for specific track groups. The best I’ve come up with is to save a global snapshot, set selected tracks only to write mode turn on preview, apply the global snapshot, then punch preview. This seems to write every automatable parameter except for volume and send volume. How would I be able to include those parameters in this process?

Open automation lanes.
Range tool => select whatever you need.
Range tool => Paste


Working in post it’s potentially hundreds of automation lanes that would need to get copied. That just seems like such a slow way of copying automation.
It actually feels like this might be a bug looking at the manual though. The snapshot should include all automatable parameters so it doesn’t make any sense that it would do everything except for volume and send volume.