Write VST Automation from Midi Controller

I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out something that would appear rather straightforward - writing control automation to a VST Instrument from a MIDI Controller - just as one would do from a mouse on a given VST control.

Essentially, I am simply trying to write automation to a VST Instrument track via a Midi Controller (AKAI MPK25). I am able to write CC controller automation to the VST’s automation track, but the controller automation is not the same as VST control automation; i.e. the control name is not listed, the automation does not read when scrolling etc.

This is driving me insane and QC’s aren’t a viable solution since I need to control more than 8 parameters from my MIDI Controller. I’ve also created generic remotes but again, all that buys me is CC automation which is not viable option for the reasons stated above.

Thanks in advance as any help here would be greatly appreciated!