Writing and playing midi tips?

Looking for help here - I have been using a CuBase competitor for years and finally got smart and switched. But I like to write using the staff and putting in like one note at a time to begin a project and set the backbone to lay the tune over. Especially on the drums. I have created a drum map the way I like but getting the staff to come up so I can enter notes is a mystery (I think it should just be a button push!) and when I do get it no sound comes out. I am thinking maybe I need to direct the midi output to an instrument track or something but I am not sure. Does anyone have any tips out there for me?? Please???

Select the drum map you created in the track settings.
To open the score, select the MIDI part and in the menu click on “Scores>Open Score Editor” (or Ctrl/Cmd-R)

Perhaps start with the default settings first for the drum map :


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Thank you so much for your post! I have tried to do that but it is grayed out and won’t allow me to select it. It does that when I try the drum score editor or the regular editor. Maybe I did not select my drum map first… - I shall try to make sure I did. But I also cannot open the score editor for the melodic instruments like violin or flute or something. And when I open one of the pre-set options and write a melody it make no audible sound when played. What am I doing wrong?

In order to open the score editor, you have to:
1- create a midi track in the main project window
2- create a MIDI part in that track
3- select that part
4- in the Cubase menu click Scores then hit Open Score Editor (Ctrl + R by default (or Cmd + R on Mac))

In order to hear your notes you will have to set an output for your track.
To do so select your track in the Inspector (image above) and load an instrument in Output Routing (below “All MIDI Inputs” in the screenshot).
If you don’t have any instrument, you can load a VSTi first, for example HALion Sonic, then select it as output for the track.
Do you already know all that?

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Sir - I only just got this a short while ago and did NOT know that! I shall go through and do those steps and I thank you for your typing slowly so a dummy could understand!! I can work with Sonar but Cubase has so much more than Sonar and is so much more powerful - but I am learning.

But I have to have a Midi part done before I can use the score editor? Is there no way to just go straight into the score editor and putting in notes? Besides, my keyboard is not showing up on my Cubase inputs - I have to figure that out as well - I am going through a Behringer UMC404HD so am not sure if that is what I select but that is what I am trying. Can I not just open up the score editor and start putting in notes?

No and No. :slight_smile:
The score editor is based on existing MIDI parts.

Take the time to set up everything properly, MIDI in/out, instruments etc. Then you can create your own templates and only then you will be able to start in Score Editor directly. :wink:

And yes, Cubase is insanely powerful :smiley:

Thank you for the advice! I tried taking a course online but I could not ask questions. And while they covered some really good stuff, it was not what I needed. Thanks again!!

Do you have any suggestions on getting "properly " set up? Any lessons learned, etc?

It all depends on your devices.
In your case I was talking about basic setup up to make Cubase “sound” (as you can’t hear anything): connect your MIDI Keyboard, set MIDI outputs for the tracks etc.

And don’t forget to read the manuals: https://steinberg.help/cubase-manuals/cubase-pro/cubase-10-5/ :wink:
As for questions, there are many specialists in this forum who can help.

I thank you for your help. It has been extremely helpful.