Writing and reading Midi/CC Data for Vsts bugging me

Not sure if i am missing something here but I have an issue and might be a bug or simply a feature that is not thought through properly.

Why when using a vsti plugin (not a vst effect on the same track as an insert) must the red ‘W’ and the green ‘R’ be selected on the vst instrument as well as the channel lane when recording midi control. It’s a pain.

For example Im recording using any plugin ie omnisphere and want to capture some controller movements, if I press the W to write on the vsti the data is not captured, it appears I have to also press the ‘W’ on the track lane. Why does it not work that pressing the W on the vst instrument concurrently activates the W on the track lane and vice-versa?

Make sense?

Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW only a minor niggle as C6 is superb and working extremely well! Just wish the internal audio routing ie sidechaining was more simple than relying on VST3’s and please please please :mrgreen:

STEINBERG and ACCESS get your sodding heads together with your R&D guys, communicate, workas a team and fix the missing link regarding VST Instrument audio input working simultaneously with the outputs with Cubase and the Virus TI. You two are like the Berlin wall, which was knocked down as i recall. The cold war is over guys…give your users what they want. Access have the VST3 module SB what have you done, please sort it out :cry:

Thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile: