Writing "L'istesso q.=q"

Hi guys,
i have a time signature change from 6/8 to 4/4. So i usually write "L’istesso q.=q to indicate that the tempo remains practically the same. Dorico does not like that and simply removes “L’istesso”, keeping only q.=q, which in turn i don’t like. Any chance to keep all the text, somehow? Shouldn’t be that difficult.

Unfortunately you cannot currently combine a tempo equation and a written tempo marking in the same tempo indication, though we know this is something people require. For the time being I would suggest adding the tempo equation and hiding it, then adding Shift+Alt+X text to contain the written l’istesso marking, with the tempo equation provided via the Metrico font.

Thanks Daniel, not exactly what i wanted to hear but i gave it a try. How exactly can i hide the tempo indication? My property panel does not seem to contain such an option for this kind of object.

set custom scale to 1

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i see, thanks

I didn’t remember that tempo equations can’t be hidden by way of a property. I’ll make a note of that and we’ll try to get that hooked up at some point as well.