Written Exercises In Score Editor

I am looking to buy some software that allows me to write exercises in 1,2, and 4 bar phrases. So dont want a full page of staff lines as in a normal score. Does the score editor allow this? I have Elements but dont believe I can use the score editor?

Any guidance to get this done appreciated. Thanks

I don’t know all the capabilities of the basic version of the Score Editor included in Elements but what you want to do is quite simple and should be possible.

In general If you want a page with only 4 bars, normally you just have to create a 4 bar long MIDI part and open the Score Editor from it. Try that.

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Thanks, but I was thinking more in the lines of… for example an A4 size sheet, divided into 3 columns 10 x 1 bar exercises in each colum…

That king of thing. The same for 2 bar phrases. Divide the sheet into 2 and 10 x 2 bar phrasses per column type thing.

Then say 10 x 4 bar phrases on a single sheet.

Sorry if I didnt explain that right.

Its a for a music exercise book Ima m initially creating for myself.

The main limitation of Elements in score writing is that there is no page formatting.

Thanks, Is there a versions that can do what I am talking abut? What I need?

Yes, Cubase Pro of course.
I am afraid Cubase Artist does not have page mode either.

Thanks, so would it/I be able to create pages like this: https://www.bangthedrumschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/tumbao-bd-independence-part-one.jpg

many thanks by the way.

Here is what you can achieve with the Pro version

Dang, that looks like you took a screeenshoot and photoshoped the text. lol

That’s what I did actually :shushing_face:

(just kidding)

haha, I see the differences now.

2 questions:

1: Is that relatively easy to setup the page so I can focus on creating the exercises.
2: CIs there a way to select the exercise and have it played by the instuments?

thanks by the way.

#1 it depends on your level and knowledge about the Score Editor
But yes it is relatively easy. In this case it’s a matter of hiding some elements.

#2 Provided that your instruments and drum map are set up, you just have to click the play button.
These are “real notes”, not graphic only.

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Thanks I appreciate it. So long as it can do what I want then looks like the program for the job. I presume you can create more than one page too. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.