wrong arrangment

I notice that sometime when i delete a track the other tracks become wrongly arranged (name , volume ) ,
it is like the tracks shifted as the track was deleted…

hey Samer,

Thanks for the feedback. It’d be very helpful if you could give us a little more information.

Which Pad are you on and which version of Cubasis are you using?
How many tracks were you working with and have they been set up mith Midi /Audiobus connection?
And did you manage to reproduce this issue several times or did it just happen once?

Kind regards

for sure …kindly note the following points:

i have an Ipad 4 with ios 6.1.2 , cubasis 1.5, the project contains 11 audio tracks with one midi track( drums)
, no audiobus connection and this issue happened to me many times specially in this project, i rearranged my tracks (volume, panning, and track name ) several times already …so frustrating

awaiting your reply

Thank you

Alright, thx

I tried it once and it seemed all fine. Do you mind sending us your project file? Simply attach it to a PM.

kind regards