Wrong computer name in activation manager OSX

Have a strange one here. I checked activation manager yesterday since I was planning to authorize an installation on my spare PC. I noticed the computer name listed in Steinberg’s online activation manager doesn’t match any computer names that I have here. It’s not impacting my activation process but still odd seeing a person’s name I don’t recognize associated with my activation. Is this a known glitch?


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I am a bit late with reply (been on long hospital “holidays” :)).

Yes, I have the same. Sounds like “funny” way to “mask” your machine names from thieves.
Or simply, some next not very intelligent Steiberg’s support officer or programmer’s joke.
Not really funny.

You can easily deactivate that “funny” machine yourself in your Steinberg account.

Hi Juergen.

That is exactly, what I thought about, and immediately did. I put the real names on it, at it seams to be helpful functionality.
Unfortunately, the names were changed randomly again. Here is example from today:

I am definitely not Heather (unless some will call me this way) :wink:

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Please update the Steinberg Activation Manager and deactivate then reactivate your Dorico license. It should hopefully use the right computer name this time.

Yes, this is exactly, what I did before.