Wrong Cubase 9.5 channel assignment for any Mackie Control on Mac

I am curious if anyone has the similar problem with using Mackie Control with C9.5(.41) on Mac. When I connect any control surface in Mackie Control mode (I checked it with X-Touch Compact and a few iPad-based surfaces) Cubase assigns first fader to track 9, ignoring first 8 tracks, no matter what they are. Example is: I create an empty project, set up one Input, one Output channel and 16 audio channels. No matter what I do, first 8 channels, while being indicated as Mackie-controllable (thin white line in track channel), are in fact ignored. I touch first fader and channel 9 responds. I have added 8 more audio channels to be able to check channel banks and switching them to the right activates bank 9-16 and further bank 17-24, but going back activates first 9-16 and then all 1-16, while only 9-16 respond to faders. To make things funnier, C9.0, C8.5 and even C8.0 do not have this problem, Mackie works exactly as it should. So, any help or observations here?
Someone from Steinberg tech support?


Try to use Bank < to jump to the first 8 faders bank.

Make sure you have only one Mackie Control Device added in Cubase Remote Devices.

One of your recommendations was correct. I had two Mackie controllers active, once I removed one all went back to normal. Thank you very much.
On some additional note, is there anything about this condition in C9.5 manual? This may seem secondary until you find it in the middle of the project. Having two Mackie controllers makes sense if you record several instruments located physically in different places of the studio, so an additional mobile Mackie controller on (for example) an iPad helps a lot.

Thank you so much. This advice helped me a lot.

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