Wrong edition running

Hi. I just bought Dorico Elements, installed Dorico Elements, but when I start it up, it says Dorico Pro 2.
Is that correct?

Do you have Engrave mode?

If you were running the Dorico Pro demo, the Dorico Elements you just purchased is likely piggy-backing off the demo license. When the demo license expires, your access will be limited to the Elements version.

There is only one Dorico 2 program. The Elements and Pro licences unlock different features in it. So it must be finding a Pro license from somewhere - either your 30 day trial license hasn’t expired yet, or you have a time-limited demo license for all Steinberg products left over from something you bought previously (e.g. Cubase.)

Yes I do. I did buy Cubase 10 Pro recently. Based on some other replies I may be in some trial period or something.

Seems to be the case as I bought CB10 Pro recently. Thanks

Only time will tell now. Thanks for the reply

If you run the eLIcenser control center, you will see a list of all your Steinberg licenses. The descriptions are pretty self explanatory.

It sounds like you currently have an unexpired 25 hours all applications licence on your USB eLicenser.

Hi David. I guess I will find out in a few hours time - thanks for your reply

Thanks, Rob. I see that there seems to be an All Applications license counting down