Wrong export ADM file Renderer for Dolby Atmos

Please help me understand the problem of exporting the ADM file Dolby Atmos Renderer.
In the archive you will find a sample of the project, in which there are 4 objects placed on the ceiling. When playing and mixing the internal Dolby Atmos Renderer in Nuendo 11.0.20, they are correctly reproduced and displayed. But when exporting an ADM file, all objects are duplicated into the center channel, completely destroying the mix. When outputting through the external Dolby Atmos Render (Production Suite), all output is correct.
In this archive you will find a project and an export ADM file, in which you will see a duplicated signal from ceiling objects in the central channel.

Help me figure out why the internal Renderer for Dolby Atmos in my example does not correctly output the ADM file by placing objects in the central channel.

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I kinda reproduced the problem in the Windows system I am using. There is an empty track called ‘C’ which apparently becomes the Bed channel after ADM export. Below is the image of the ‘C’ track.

However, after I deleted the empty ‘C’ track, everything looks okay now. I aligned the 4 tracks below each other for the purpose of the Supervision display showing only the ceiling signals.

You need to mark this thread an “Issue”. And if this is verifiable also tag Steinberg people so they get a notification about it. If this is all true it’s pretty significant.

PS: Have you tried this also in 11.0.3?

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Deleting track C is not a solution to the problem, imagine that an important dialogue is recorded there

Yes, I tried 11.0.30, the problem is the same

I’m not in front of Nuendo right now but I went through the same issue awhile ago. I realized the project had to be setup correctly before I imported the ADM file. Can’t remember what I did at this point. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem, the panning of the objects are messed up in the ADM file, please some help. Steinberg

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In Nuendo 11.0.41 this problem has been fixed. Thanks.