(Wrong Forum) C12pro not respondent to new VST

Hi you all knowers!
Knobee here…

  1. I can’t connected new vst plugins to C12 pro.

  2. I Can’t get Halion 6 to be default as sampler in C12

  3. Links are not activ, when open library, I can see them in 1s, then gone. Like shadows… (crazy)

  4. Yes, read all tuturials about this issue on the net, still don’t get the H6 to be default.
    It does not appeare in the list of scroll down menu in Midi/apperence etc…

I have located my VST’s /IK Multimedia (allot of those), Halion 6 on my backup drive (none ssd). Possible thought that this is the issue?

I today invested in a new ssd 500Gb drive to become my new :C

Is it wiser to uninstall C12 and all VST before I install the new harddrive?
I will use Samsungs “copy software” concerning the new ssd 870 evo

Then install everyting ones again on this new :C
Or copy everyting as is to day and than use “Steinberg Library” manager to move back vst and Halion 6 to this new :C?

Excuse my uncorrect English…
Hope I get understud anywhay :wink:

Kind Regards, Magnus

Hi @Magnuss,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply due to seasonal holidays!

Please make sure to post your topic in the correct forum! This forum is to discuss all things Cubasis (our mobile DAW for iOS, Android and Chromebooks).


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