Wrong Instrument Sounding on Playback


Basic question, and sure it was answered, though can’t find the topic.

Assigned a sample library and instrument to Electric Piano. The little cog says it’s on channel 4, and the Track says it’s channel 4.

I click on an electric piano note, and get a trumpet. Most other instruments are NotePerformer, so that’s probably where it came from.

I assigned a grand piano sample from the same library, and it works fine.

Electric piano from the same library works fine outside of this project.

Any ideas much appreciated!


John Chester

Just guessing, but I’d check that you also made the stave endpoint connect to the proper VST Instrument plugin. It does sound like it’s still pointing to Note Performer.

You’d check this in the Play Tab. Click the Instrument track/stave you want using the alternative sample library. Click the “Track Inspector” tab. Make sure in the “Routing” tab, that the Plugin AND the channel is correct.

I.E. Here I have the Piccolo track highlighted. I can see in the Track Inspector that it is routed to an instance of Bidule/ARIA that I’ve setup in my playback templates to be named COMB2 Piccolo. It also transmits over Port 1, and Channel 2. In this case I have 4 soloists loaded in odd channels 1, 3, 5, 7, and 4 tutti sections loaded in even channels 2, 4, 6, 8. This particular arrangement only needs one tutti section tho’ and it’ll use channel 2.

I can also click the cog in the Routing tab to make sure it uses the expression map I need involved. In this case the default Modulation Wheel Dynamics map is fine for the library/situation.

This particular plugin (Bidule hosting ARIA) also spans 16 faders on the Dorico mixer by default. I’ll only be using 4 of them for my piccolo sections, so I can limit it to 4 stereo channels here as well.

Since I’ll be using this Piccolo section in future projects, I can also 'Save Endpoint Configuration" from here. Later I can use that configuration to design my own custom Playback Templates.

And here’s a quick glance at a wind band template I’ve made for the Garritan Concert and Marching Band library. If I know I’ll be working with a wind band score, I can chose this template and Dorico will do his best to use my favorite sounds. If it can’t find them, It’ll revert to the closest match it can find with HSO and/or HSSE content.

Extra info on building complex instrument templates…
This particular score doesn’t call for everything my COMB2 template supports. I built it to provide two to four soloists and two to four tutti sections for each instrument family. When I built the template I made a huge empty score with staves pointing to all the instances/channels I might need first. Saved the Endpoint Configurations, and now the template can support pretty lush arrangements with many different parts.

It’s possible to build up your templates a little at a time too. You can ‘overwrite’ endpoint configurations with newer versions as they ‘grow’ to support larger scores. I did find that things are more consistent and predictable if I go ahead and load up a huge empty score template and set things up there first tho’.

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Thanks Brian! Very detailed.
I’m just learning about endpoint now.
I just want to add the E. Piano sample-- very simple, as few instruments, and NP.

In the past to add one instr., I’ve made sure the channel is free, make sure I’ve loaded the sample I want, and added the sample to the track.
Did the same here, but got a trumpet.

Will study what you sent.



Check the plugin for the stave endpoint too. It does sound like the stave is pointing to a NP instance instead of your other library/player. NP loves to sound a trumpet when something isn’t set up properly for it.

Don’t forget to set an expression map for channel 4 too. Sounds like you’ll probably want the default ‘velocity dynamics’ one.

Hi John, another wild guess. Brian indicated the link between the VST rack plugin entry and the actual instrument which has to match but did you also press the plugin button on your piano instrument entry to check if there really is a piano defined there? Maybe you still have a trumpet loaded there.

Thank you both.
Slowly working up the learning curve, and just learning about Endpoints and Plug-ins. Good, but humbling software. I need time to absorb.



Ahhh! Now see I can open the boxes under Expression Maps! Don’t see an expression map for electric piano. Mine is set for “Default”.

The grand piano sample is from the same library, is set for “Default”, and works fine.