Wrong midi notes on export

Hi everyone. I’m experiencing a problem with exporting my song. One of the vst tracks has a quick ascending scale run (about 1 second long), and when I export the song that same run sounds wrong. I’ve tried real time export as well but no luck. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Are you talking about the MIDI Export or Export Audio Mixdown, please?

Hi Martin, thanks! I’m talking about exporting audio mixdown


Do you compare what do you hear while playback the project and the exported WAV file?

Yes definitely. In the project during playback the notes are sounding correct but once exported to to audio (Flac) they are wrong. Very strange, its only for that small scale run. I’ll try exporting to WAV and see if it makes any difference.

Can you expand on this? In what way are they wrong?

As in wrong pitch


Are the all notes “transposed” by the same amount? Or just some notes have different pitch? Is it random or is the result always the same even when you do multiple exports?

Oh, the issue is only about the “ascending scale run” :thinking:
Sounds like it is skipping notes on render. Are you using normal render or real-time render ?

Finally figured it out guys. There was pitch bend data before the run that hadn’t been reset to 0! Exporting normally now.

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How could that happen on export but not on playback ?
Make sure to enable Chase so what you hear on playback is always right.