Wrong number of rests in a bar.

In a composition for 2 piano’s the right hand of the second piano have to many rests. I’m not able to delete them. What I have to do?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-02 um 13.30.53.png

Have you tried the new function in the edit menu, in Write mode ? “Remove rests”


I have the same problem!
-2 Half rest in a 4/4 instead of one Whole rest !

I tryed your suggestion…
Great to remove rests but,
now I can’t input the right thing, a Whole rest !

I tryed «Insert» enter a Whole rest.
It is misplaced at left instead of in the center !

Copy and paste a whole rest from an other Bar fixed the problem !


Insert is not the right tool to force such rhythmic issue. Force duration is the way to go : enable it (o), enable your caret at the beginning of the bar, enter a whole rest (8 and , and any note name ABCDEFG), it should appear as a whole rest.

Isn’t it better to use ‘Insert bar rest’ from the Bars and Barlines panel on the right…?

I guess you’re right !

Yes, but it didn’t work. But I found a solution to the problem (I think it was a bug): I deleted in the bar before the septuplet. Then also the wrong rests disappeared.

Use Edit menu -Remove rests
Put the caret into the bar and -Insert Bar Rest
Works perfectly here.