Wrong "out of range" flagging for tenor sax

I recently got some feedback from my tenor saxophone group, regarding notes out of range for their instrument. It turns out that (my instance of) Dorico doesn’t flag a low A (G in concert pitch) as out of range, even though the instrument cannot play lower than a Bb (at least for normal players). If i write an Ab, it is flagged as out of range, so essentially it seems like the range indicator is half a pitch off.

I’ve tried resetting the instrument, and creating a new project, without the problem going away.

A minimal working example: Ten sax out of range.dorico (564.2 KB)

there have been a few requests for the instrument range to be user-editable. This is not only to correct possible errors in what is technically playable but also to be able to set the limits according to either the abilities of the actual musicians in question or, equally importantly, for the programming of virtual instruments. It can be infuriating to write something which one sample library can play and another cannot and not always noticing the missing notes in the playback-- the ability to programme sets for different situations would be invaluable for error checking and if necessary producing alternative versions of the score.

I think there’s actually a bug here. Here’s how it’s configured in the instruments.xml file:

The advanced range looks correct here, but that’s not reflected by what Dorico is displaying on screen. For comparison here’s the alto range:

The alto displays correctly in Dorico, but the tenor does not.

I have no idea why the Tenor Sax isn’t displaying out of range notes correctly.

Actually, there are 3 Tenor Sax entries in the instruments.xml file and one of them is wrong:

I fixed that, and fixed the entry in userlibrary.xml but it’s still displaying incorrectly for me. I’m not sure where else this definition could be hiding.

Just tested whether the issue was also present on my installation of Dorico 3.5, and it was. Both for solo and section players (if that matters).

Solo vs section player shouldn’t matter, but I’m still curious where Dorico is reading this erroneous range from, if it’s been manually corrected in the instruments.xml file and userlibrary.xml file.

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I’m also curious about that. Fixing the database error should have ended the problem.

The bug is still present after updating to Dorico 4.3.

In any existing project, the instrument range will still be the same as it has always been.

Aha, well then everything makes sense. Started a new project now, and it works as expected.

Is there a way to update old projects to use the new range?

Not easily at the moment, I’m afraid, no.

Guess I’ll have to ctrV it then. Not ideal, but definitely better than another embarrassment.

Thanks for picking up and fixing the issue btw :slight_smile:

Would exporting as XML and importing into a new project be an option?

Importing flow into a new project (and then changing instrument on the sax) would likely do less damage.

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New update on this. Just discovered the same issue with the baritone sax (although some instruments have an extension), and checked the rest of the saxophones. Unless I’ve misunderstood something (not a wind player), most seem to have similar errors. You guys might want to go over your register database again.