Wrong 'Out of range' notes | no sound

For some mysterious reason everything below c# (‘middle c’) is shown as ‘out of range’ (bright red) for Bflat Clarinet in one of my scores. No sound either. A-Clarinet is OK. Volume of B-flat Clarinet is much softer also vs. A-Clarinet. Both are set to ‘Clarinet Combi’ in Halion Sonic SE.
Any clues? Thanks!

Was the instrument set up as a clarinet in the first place? To solve this problem, first thing I’d do is go to Setup mode, open the player’s card, and use the instrument context menu > Change instrument > Bb Clarinet (yes, again. But this time we know it’s there the right way.) It should not change the written music — if it does, make sure the music shows in the right octave — the range and the playback should be ok.
The sonic quality of the HSSE+HSO has never been praised for, even in this forum filled with Dorico fan boys (count me in). So you might not really like what you hear. But you should hear it, and no red notes should appear on those notes.

@MarcLarcher Inserting B flat Clarinet again works, thanks!
There is still a significant volume difference with A-Clarinet but that could have to do with settings, though. Halion settings elude me for the most part (in another part of the score there’s a tambourine which is suddenly mute). In my opinion it’s much to complicated. Fortunately I only use the sounds for a general checkup, because soundwise it isn’t anyway near (in my case) an acoustic ensemble.

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Sounds like you might benefit from noteperformer. (It’s worth the money. Sounds great and is dead simple once it’s installed.)